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How to Save Money on Your Wedding Without Sacrificing Your Happiness

Getting married can be expensive, especially if you want it to be extravagant. But contrary to what you might think, cutting off the budget for your special day does not mean you need to sacrifice your own happiness. There are a lot of simple ways to save money on your wedding without really compromising its elegance. Here are some of them below…


Hire a wedding planner

Some couples think that they can save money if they plan their wedding on their own. Note that highly experienced wedding planners have contacts on various suppliers and therefore, you can avail huge discounts. Full-service wedding planners tend to be cheaper than those who offer a one-time consultation only.

Avoid peak seasons

Off-peak wedding seasons tend to have less competition for your wedding date, which allows you to have a stronger negotiating power. Common wedding days are from Friday to Sunday which are more expensive than ordinary days.

Get married in late morning or late afternoon

Most catering services offer inexpensive food in the late morning or late afternoon rather than in the formal breakfast or buffet dinner. In addition, you can save money because you would only have to pay for one wedding meal. Your wedding planner can give you some solid advices on which wedding reception time is more economical.

Buy wedding dress during annual sales season

Famous brands usually have yearly sale of clothes, including wedding dresses. Make sure you know their dates, and compare their prices. In most cases, you can save up to 70 percent of their usual price. You can also buy second-hand ones, or even rent one.

Save money on wedding cakes

The price of a wedding cake is more about the labor cost. Taller wedding cakes are more expensive because they are harder to make than the smaller ones. You can also do the finishing touches on your own which adds personal touch to the cake.

Choosing flowers

Choosing seasonal and local flowers are definitely cheaper than the rare, out-of-season or imported flowers. And consequently, using only one kind of flower for your bouquets and arrangements is also a great money-saver. And just like wedding cakes, prices of wedding flowers also depend on labor.

Use wedding invitation software

You may not realize this, but using software to create your wedding invitations is much cheaper than ordering the custom made invitations. Most software programs today are easy to use and offer elegant graphics. Your guest will not notice that you created them on your own.

There are actually more ways to have a beautiful wedding without hurting your pocket. The key is to be creative and have a support from a great wedding planner. Speaking of which, you can check our huge network of Coromandel Wedding Professionals at