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Types of Wedding Planners and How to Choose the Right One

Hiring a wedding planner can definitely help avoid the pressure while planning for your wedding.

Wedding planners are professionals who will make sure that your wedding is all organized and runs perfectly. However, you should check their history and credibility before hiring one.

There are three general types of wedding planners. Each type has different levels of tasks, as well as range of professional fees. Having a clear understanding of their jobs will help you decide which is best for you.

One-time Consultation Wedding Planner

This type of wedding planner usually charges on a per-hour or per-meeting basis. She will help you establish your timeline and will give suggestions regarding your expenses. In most cases, she will also recommend suppliers. Hiring one can save you money, but there is one big disadvantage. Some things may not be discussed in a one-time meeting, even if you have already prepared a list of questions.

Partial Wedding Planner

This is applicable if you already have a plan and you just want to hear some professional advice.

Typically, you will also pay her on per-hour basis. In some cases, you can also pay a single fixed fee for the entire service. But instead of a one-time meeting, she may also visit during rehearsals or even on your wedding day. Services differ depending on your arrangement and your budget.

Full-Service Wedding Planner

A full-service wedding planner is highly recommended to couples who prefer a professional touch on all aspects of their wedding. The full-service planner will ask you your preferred colors (motifs), food and drinks, lights and sounds, decorations, flowers, and so on. She will help you from Day One until your wedding day. In short, you will be in contact with her most of the time. You can therefore be sure that every small detail of your wedding will be taken care of.

Depending on your choice of a wedding planner, the key is to hire one as soon as possible. Weeks before your wedding day, visit the venue and see it to it that your visitors will be comfortable when that special day comes.

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