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How to throw a house party

The days of placing a keg on a table next to a packet of chips and calling it a party are over. People want to be wowed and expectations are high, but it doesn’t take as much effort or money as you might think to throw an amazing event that your guests will be talking about for months to come.

First up you will want to consider what type of event you’ll be hosting, is it going to be a gathering of just your nearest and dearest or are you planning to pack out your house and yard with people? Whatever the number of people, make sure there is adequate space to dance, areas to sit and that all your precious and personal items are stored safely away.

Now you know the approximate number of people attending plan the food and drink, most people will BYO but a good host will at least provide non-alcoholic drink options. Be sure to set up a table with plenty of quality food and snacks, not only is it your responsibility as a good host, it will also set you apart from all the other half-hearted house parties.

Choose your music, keep in mind the type of people who will be at the party. You may want to intersperse slow and fast songs, or set out areas of different styles – fast up-tempo in the lounge and chilled out tunes on the deck etc. Make sure you have enough speakers and equipment to cover all the bases, hiring what you need is any easy, cost effective way to get great sound.

Use lighting effects to create ambiance. From simple strands of icicle lights in trees, to strobe lighting and mirror balls in the dance area, strategically lighting the party will go a long way to creating a great experience for your party goers. Again, hiring is a great option as you can get professional quality effects for a low price.


Don’t forget the small things. Stock up on toilet paper and towels, pop the dog and cat into local kennels for the night, invite your neighbours to keep them happy and foster good relations. Small touches like a ladies touch up room in a bedroom, a PlayStation game on in another to cater to all types of guests are appreciated.

Stay sober or organize some good friends to help you out in keeping everyone safe and happy, providing rides home if needed or if things get out of hand.

Most of all have a good time yourself! There is nothing quite like seeing your friends enjoying themselves at an event you’ve hosted, tomorrow you can look back and congratulate yourself on throwing a rocking well planned party.