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How to Plan for your Coromandel Beach Wedding

A lot of couples love the idea of getting married on a beautiful Coromandel beach, because it gives a unique experience. To ensure your beach wedding is perfect, a few important factors need to be considered. Hiring a wedding planner is a good idea, but there are things that you and your future spouse should also do.


Here are some of them:

Check the weather

While you can consider rain as a blessing on your wedding day, it can also ruin your special moment. If you are getting married during rainy season, prepare for the worst. Besides watching news from your favorite weatherman, make sure you have enough tents and umbrellas. If you are getting married during sunny season, make sure that there is adequate shade for all. Some flowers are sensitive to heat, too.

Consider your guests

 Beach weddings are fun but it’s important you tell them what to expect. Eg. They may get water, salt, and sand between their feet so they can make appropriate choices for footwear. The breeze on the ocean may also cause them inconvenience if they wear the wrong clothes. What if you have relatives or friends with disabilities?

Choose the right lights and sound equipment

Lights and sound are both sensitive to outdoors and therefore can ruin your coromandel beach wedding, Before you rent equipment, make sure the equipment is suitable for the outdoors and is powerful enough to deliver perfect sound. Discuss the potential lighting problems with photographer and videographer.

Plan B

We recommend having an indoor venue near by reserved as your Plan B. This venue will be helpful in the event of bad weather, stormy seas or natural disaster. Also have a generator booked encase of a power cut, or alternatively have a battery powered PA System.

How can we help with your Coromandel Beach Wedding?

We can provide you a Professional Battery Powered Portable PA System with Wireless Microphones, CD and iPod Player, a speaker stand, carry bag for from just $120 per day.


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