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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Colour Scheme

Choosing the perfect colour scheme for your wedding is exciting, but can also be tricky. You may have a favourite colour in mind; however, it may not always be the best choice. Although you may not immediately appreciate how colour blending works, here are important factors to be considered:

Wedding venue

Whether you like or not, there are some locations that may not adapt your favorite colour. If the location has strong colours, you should choose a colour that compliments with them. For indoor weddings, check the colour of the carpet, wallpaper, curtains, and decorations. For outdoor or beach weddings, you may want to choose fresh and light colours that will match the surroundings and climate. And don’t forget to consider the location of the reception, too!

Wedding day

If you plan to be a June bride, it will be winter then. Therefore, you may choose platinum, cranberry, or a snow white colour theme. Other choices would include regal purple, emerald green and navy blue. For spring weddings, pink has been an ideal colour and fits best with violet or white. You may also want to choose yellow or orange, which works well with grey or green. Since Christmas season falls on summer, brides will look stunning in red or green. Lastly, autumn wedding is known for dark pink, gold and bronze.

Groom, bridesmaid, and other participants

While wedding is considered a very special day for the bride, you must not forget the groom, bridesmaid and other participants. Some colours may not match their personality and style. Note that using the exact colour on everything can also be an eyesore. Instead, you can try some variations in the shades. You can do some small touches for the cummerbund and tie for the groom. In short, it is better if you ask suggestions from the people who will play important roles on your wedding day.

Again, choosing the right wedding colour is fun. Spending time and effort in picking the right one is better than regretting it after the wedding. Hiring a professional wedding planner is definitely a big help because she can give solid advice based on her experience in this field.

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